Work Ordered Day


It stands for Vehicles, Outreach, Library, Clerical, Accounting, Newsletter, Outdoors, Education and Social Media. This unit oversees the half of the clubhouse most people encounter first when coming to the Clubhouse. Some consider the V.O.L.C.A.N.O.E.S. the backbone of the clubhouse. They are responsible for everything from reception to maintenance, from thrift store to media and publications. Members in this unit work to maintain the clubhouse library and participate in various vital data entry tasks such as bookkeeping and attendance tracking.


The ATN unit stands for All Together Now. We help cook lunch and do dishes. We have a snack shop where we sell snacks and drinks. We take care of chickens by feeding them, giving them water and collecting their eggs. We mow the lawn and grocery shop. We do meal planning every Thursday. We clean the bathrooms on one side of the building. We go to the bank to make deposits and handle accounting. We also have a baked good we sell each week.

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