Circle City Clubhouse provides educational support to members in many ways, including adult education opportunities, teaching and tutoring by members in a variety of topics, vocational training to help members pursue employment, and support with completing college enrollment.

Education Meetings are held every Thursday at 2:00 PM in the Meeting Room at Circle City Clubhouse (CCCH).

Circle City Clubhouse is dedicated to helping members identify and achieve educational goals by providing a variety of supportive options. CCCH supports members in pursuing college degrees, preparing for the GED, developing literacy skills, improving computer literacy skills, and engaging in adult education initiatives. CCCH offers individualized and group learning opportunities for members. Our goal is for members and staff to work together to accomplish educational objectives and prepare members for success in both higher education and the workplace.

Focus of Education Support:

• GED preparation, literacy skills, computer literacy skills and Adult Education initiatives

• Assistance touring and applying for local colleges

• Assistance accessing and applying for academic funding

• Connections to disability support offices at local colleges & in the community

• Advocacy and support for members pursuing higher education (i.e. building relationship with academic advisor, professors, etc.)

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