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Our mission is to afford people whose lives have been drastically disrupted by mental illness the opportunity to recover meaningful and productive lives through reintegration with the workplace and the community. We are here to help adults recovering from mental illness through participation in our work-ordered day. We focus on strengths, and we help each other with projects and needs.  


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About Us

About The Clubhouse

Since 2015, Circle City Clubhouse has been providing a welcoming, supportive, and caring community to help individuals recover from mental illness and reintegrate into the community. As a Clubhouse International accredited Clubhouse, Circle City Clubhouse utilizes a unique and non-traditional model to help our members overcome social isolation by building meaningful relationships and connections, exploring and developing their skills and interests, and reconceptualizing themselves from a patient in need to an individual with gifts and abilities to offer to the world.

Clubhouses utilize a “work ordered day” where members and staff work side by side to accomplish all work of the Clubhouse. Members and staff work collaboratively to support each other in achieving employment and educational goals, provide social activities and holiday celebrations, and assist each other with housing, benefits and other supports needed to live independently in the community.

For over 70 years, Clubhouses around the world have been providing the highest quality of support for those in recovery from mental illness. Research has demonstrated Clubhouse effectiveness in assisting members in returning to and maintaining employment, in living independently in the community, in decreasing the number and frequency of hospitalizations due to mental illness, and in living healthier lives – reducing the overall costs of healthcare for participants.

A 501c3 non-profit, Circle City Clubhouse is the only independently owned and operated Clubhouse in the Central Indiana area, serving members regardless of where they are receiving other mental health services.

Rights of Clubhouse Membership

A right to a place to come.

A right to meaningful work.

A right to meaningful relationships.

A right to a place to return

Our Members Telling Their Stories…


Recovering mental wellness and overcoming social isolation takes a community. Your generous donation helps provide employment and educational support, transportation to and from Circle City Clubhouse, and helps us guarantee that members can attend regardless of there financial situation or ability to pay.


Circle City Clubhouse needs your help. We need individuals to serve on our board of directors and administrative committees, to help with our fundraising and special events, to support our holiday celebrations, and in many other areas. To volunteer you time, please sign up at the link below.

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