Recovering Life Together


Speakers Bureau

Sharing the inspiration, making the most of opportunities.

"Speakers Bureau helps me learn how to speak or give a speech in front of people even though I feel a little uncomfortable."           ---Erika

 "It's inspiring to get out in front of people and share the fact that Circle City Clubhouse helped me with my mental illness and therefore may help others find meaning and a safe-haven."  ---Nathan


Speakers Bureau gives members the opportunity to spread the word about what Clubhouse has to offer to those with mental illness. Some of the events Speakers Bureau has attended have taken place at colleges and universities, hospitals, churches, community job fairs, conferences, and Clubhouse Standards training.


Members who participate in Speakers Bureau tell personal stories to help others understand mental illness, what Clubhouse means to them, what their lives were like before Clubhouse, and who to talk to to get in touch with Clubhouse to become a member.


Typically Clubhouse members are joined by staff who introduce Clubhouse, giving a brief history of how CCCH began. Members follow with personal stories and testimonials in how Clubhouse has impacted their lives positively.

  "I now have an opportunity to go out into the community and explain what my illness is and how Circle City Clubhouse has helped me."


"Speakers Bureau is the best!  I get to get out and make new friends and talk about how we help each other at Clubhouse and even support each other in finding a new job."


4141 Office Plaza Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46256


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm