Recovering Life Together


Our Board Of Directors

Standard #32:

The Clubhouse has an independent board of directors comprised of individuals uniquely positioned to provided financial, legal, legislative, employment development, consumer and community support and advocacy for the Clubhouse. The board includes Clubhouse members.

Nathan Stansberry

Nicole Spacey

Chuck Lynn

"The Board of Directors help make the clubhouse possible and function. As a member serving on the Board of Directors, I am responsible for serving the community and serve as the voice of the people."

                           --- Nathan

Lee Stephan

Robert Walson

Harriet Rosen

Board members help Clubhouse members find employment, work on fundraising with Clubhouse members, and promote accredited operation of Clubhouse activities and services to better suite all who come to the Clubhouse.                              ---Manda

4141 Office Plaza Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46256


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm